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Maritime Squadrons Association - Notices







News on DVA Qualifying Service issues - this may have an impact on some of our 10 and 11 Squadron Members.

Exercise SEA IMP progress see the members page.

Information is available on the members page

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2020 Dinner / Lunch Schedule





( CANCELLED details below)

CANBERRA Lunch  22nd March 2020

( CANCELLED details below)


NSW DINNER Saturday 25th July 2020

(Details Later)


 BRISBANE DINNER  Saturday 24th October 2020

(Details Later)









For your information


I regret to advise that I have made the decision to cancel this Sunday’s MSA lunch here in Canberra. This has not been an easy decision but I am concerned that most of those who planned to attend are within the targeted vulnerable age group of 65+. This decision has been endorsed by the MSA Executive Committee, recognising that we need to uphold a duty of care and responsibility to our membership.


Initially, I sensed no feeling of general alarm or anxiety amongst the planned attendees and numbers were still very good last Wednesday. But matters have come to a head in recent days with higher authorities making decisions that influence and impact on all of us. Since the Chief Minister’s declaration earlier today of a public health emergency in the ACT, 12 people have now pulled out from the lunch, with a number of others expressing some reservations.


Notwithstanding the decision to cancel the lunch, for those of you who still want to get together, there is nothing to stop us from meeting up at The Dock next Sunday; it just will not be an ‘official’ MSA function. Trish and I would be starters for such an informal get-together. Please let me know ASAP (preferably by 1000 Tuesday morning) if you are interested — I will hold off cancelling our reservation at The Dock until after that time.


It has been a difficult call, but some of us oldies come into the high-risk area and extra caution is warranted. Later in the year, when things are back to normal, I will investigate the feasibility of staging an ‘official’ MSA lunch in Canberra.



Hi Everyone,

Please be advised that unfortunately this year’s Adelaide MSA lunch, which was to be held in May, is cancelled. This is due to the current environment and the projections that restrictions will be in force for 6 months.

We hope we can all get together again in 2021