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News on DVA Qualifying Service issues - this may have an impact on some of our 10 and 11 Squadron Members.

Exercise SEA IMP progress see the members page.

Information is available on the members page

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ADELAIDE LUNCH  Sunday ? May 2023




CANBERRA Lunch  Sunday March/April 2023 TBN



 NSW Dinner 30th July 2022

 (See Below)


BRISBANE DINNER and AGM 29 October 2022

(Details coming soon)










NSW Dinner

From: Rodney Smallwood


Welcome all to hopefully a much brighter second half of 2022.


HARS have agreed to once again host the NSW DINNER at Albion Park and also to provide a tour of the HARS facility and aircraft.


The format will be similar to the last few dinners with a private HARS tour commencing at around 1600hrs at the cafe of HARS ($20 per person) and then pre dinner drinks being served in hangar one prior to moving upstairs for dinner and some presentations.


The cost of the dinner will be $105 per person, however for those who are life members of MSA and their partners the cost will be $80 per head.  Guests and those MSA members who have not been financial for at least the previous two years will not be subsidised by MSA.


For those of you who contributed in anticipation of the 2021 dinner, you will receive an individual email from me once you have confirmed attendance with the balance owing, or as a couple of you have already indicated, to hold until next time. 


At this stage can I please have confirmation of your attendance at this years event so I can book catering and guides.


I am hoping that I have captured all those above who have responded individually but if not I apologise in advance.  Blame COVID


It is not too late to join in on the night, just email me with your intent, ie numbers, dinner only or dinner and tour and if you are life financial members of MSA, guests and HARS members and I should be able to work out the rest.


Below is the proposed program for the evening and also the menu.


We are delighted to present our menu for 30th July 2022, which includes beer and wine pre-dinner, and a rich Barossa red for the main meal, dessert with Bill Chambers Muscat.

In line with previous events we are pleased to advise that

Professor Michael Hough AM RFD ED

President Royal United Services Institute NSW, will deliver a key note discussion on a topic that is sure to be most interesting. OurPresident Bob De La Hunty  OAM may also attend and provide an update on HARS.


The Museum tour is always inspiring and we will try and arrange AP3C (A9-753) for all to view. We have some AP3C experts amongst our tour guides, and our intention is to secure their presence on the 30th.



Maritime Squadron Association

 Dinner 30th July 2022

Tour of Museum


Hangar one

Finger food and Pre Dinner-Drinks

Main Course

Level One Upstairs

(Alternate Drop)

Lamb Shanks on Paris Mash

Seafood Pie with Seasonal Greens


Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Bill Chambers Liquor Muscat

Coffee Tea trolly

We reluctantly have an increase in the cost of Dinner, and I trust  that you will understand given the economy of 2022.

The museum tour is $20.00 per head (Snr). 

The cost to provide pre dinner drinks and canapes, dinner wine and dessert with tea and coffee is



54 Airport Road | Albion Park Rail NSW 2527 | AUSTRALIA