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Maritime Squadrons Association Library.

The MSA will maintain a library of memberís contributions. The guidelines for submission are listed below. Contributions will be solicited by way of the MSA website or MSA newsletters. Contributions will, in the first instance, be sent directly to the Secretary. The Secretary and the Executive will recommend publication / listing of titles. The Secretary will be responsible for publication in the annual (or special) newsletters. The contribution titles will be listed on the MSA website and will be the responsibility of the Secretary to load these. Titles will also be listed in the newsletters as space permits. Members may request copies of the publications from the Secretary at cost.


The following GUIDELINES are suggested:

1. Normal submission to be about time spent in a maritime environment.

2. MSA reserves the right to refuse any article.

3. MSA may add an introduction to any submission.

4. Submissions to be on CD/DVD, printed or an emailed Copy of a Word Document.

5. The Secretary will look after the CD/DVDs & email material.

If you have an item that you would like to contribute to the Library, initially contact the Secretary  by Email:

Hopefully items can be sent via Email or a download Service,  or by a posted DVD or CD.

 Items that are available as at 15th December 2015:

TITLE                            AUTHOR                          MEDIA                                       

TYDTBE                       Ray Parkin                     PDF / Word / Epub File                     


10 Sqn                        Daz Picton                      Word / PDF / Epub file

There are also interesting articles written by our members on other web sites, and, as they are notified they will be included on this library page or in Interesting Links" page.

Stories of 10 Squadron RAAF in Townsville