Welcome to the Maritime Squadrons Association 

The Association

The RAAF Maritime Squadrons Association  (MSA) is an association founded to foster the spirit of friendships formed in the Service, and to foster the ideals founded in the maritime flying squadrons of the RAAF, RAN and other military forces.


The Associationís history commenced with an annual dinner for his old 11 Squadron crew, organised by Gordon Johnstone, in Sydney during the 1960s. This dinner was such a success that regular annual dinners followed, and an association started to develop.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, at about the same time, Neville Williams was organising regular get-togethers of some ex-11 Squadron members. The Brisbane Association (also known as the 11 Squadron Re-union Committee) proved very popular and started to grow with attendees from other states . A small newsletter was started.

At the Golden Jubilee of 10 & 11 Squadrons at Edinburgh in August 1989 a decision was made to form the RAAF Maritime Squadrons Association. With the formation of a national association, a working party was formed to create the necessary formwork and we were Up Up and Away


Today, membership of the Association is mainly comprised of former members of 10 and 11 Squadrons who have served in the post-war years. These members have flown or worked on Neptune and Lincoln and Orion aircraft. The association is still fortunate to have a small number of WW 2 veterans who served on Sunderland and Catalina Squadrons.

However, membership is open, not only to the members of RAAF maritime squadrons, but also to the former members of maritime squadrons from the RAN and Allied Military Forces.

The cost of membership is $10 for an annual subscription, or $100 for a lifetime subscription. Those seeking to join the Association should contact the Secretary for a membership application form or click on the e-mail Button to the left


Currently the principal activities of the Association comprise three annual dinners held respectively in Canberra, NSW (Glenbrook), and Brisbane and an annual lunch held in Adelaid